A new bug has surfaced for some users in Calendar display on iOS 7, where the current time is offset by one hour, despite the fact that the status bar shows the correct time. The bug appears to be limited to the Calendar display, since alarms and events are not disturbed in any way, they’re correctly timed and displayed. For example, due to the bug, the app will draw current time line at the 1:15 PM slot if the time is 12:15 PM. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about a daylight saving time bug in an Apple device.

The first time we heard of such an issue affecting iOS devices was back in 2010, when the bug actually caused quite a few users to wake up earlier than they had hoped to. The bug affected iPhones on iOS 4.1, it caused recurring alarms to go off an hour earlier than they had been set. Another similar bug in iOS was discovered in 2011, when daylight savings time wasn’t recognized, causing many people to wake up late and miss their morning appointments. Apple did eventually take care of both of those bugs, and it is likely to do the same with this one. The next incremental iOS update might bring the fix for this particular iOS 7 bug. [Image via AppleInsider]

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