perfectdrinkWe’ve seen our fair share of electronic bartending devices in the past, with some even designed to look like robots, but if you’re after something a little more accessible and possibly more affordable, the Perfect Drink bartender could be what you’re after. As pictured above, the Perfect Drink bartender appears to be a mix of a weighing scale of sorts combined with an app for iOS and Android. Basically what the scale does is that it allows the bartender to pour out drinks and based on the weight in the glass so far, it will be able to tell when you have poured enough. After all we’re sure some of you guys are sick of having drinks either watered down or overly strong despite ordering from the same bar, so this little gadget should aid with consistency.

The app will come preloaded with a library of cocktails that you will be able to mix up and when paired with the drink scale (similar to another device called the Barman), will let you know how much to pour and when to pour, allowing aspiring bartenders to create fancy layered drinks like the one pictured above (which based on past work experience is not as easy as the photo makes it out to be!). In any case if you’re interested in picking up the Perfect Drink for yourself, hit up Fancy’s website where you will be able to order one for yourself for $70 (the companion app is free).

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