Instagram has been extremely popular as more and more people are signing up to the photo-sharing social media service to show off not only their photos, but videos, too. Instagram’s filters can certainly turn a normal photo into a piece of art, although London’s Bruno Ribeiro decided to take the concept of the service’s filter and implement them all over his fair city.

Real Life Instagram is the name of Ribeiro’s project, which simply puts up pieces of paper that looks like it was taken straight out of an Instagram feed, complete with username, profile photo, location and even how many “Likes” it received as well as hashtags. Ribeiro looks like he cuts out a square out from the piece of paper and simply inserts a colored piece of transparent plastic sheet in the hole, making the Real Life Instagram image. The idea seems pretty neat, especially how much better some of the Real Life Instagram images make the original subject look.

We’re not sure what Ribeiro uses in order to judge just how many likes an photo will receive as some seem kind of low with only 40 likes, while others have over 600 likes. We have a feeling he might have inflated some of the likes he’s received for some of his images.

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