large-5252b757ac603We’re not sure how many of you guys would need a 32” touchscreen display that will be compatible with Apple’s OS X operating system, but in case you do, Sharp has announced a new 32” 4K touchscreen monitor that will support Apple’s OS X right out of the box. The display will feature a resolution of 3840×2160 and will utilize an IGZO LCD panel with a touch interface and pen support. The display was demonstrated during CEATEC 2013 which took place in Japan last week, and was shown running off a MacBook Pro.

Obviously with the size and resolution, it will not come cheap and presumably Sharp will be marketing this to their commercial and retail customers as opposed to the home user, although no word on pricing just yet. We have seen concepts in the past where MacBook laptops have been given a touchscreen interface, which we guess could be likened to a MacBook/iPad hybrid, or like current Windows 8 laptops, some of which feature touchscreen displays. Then again OS X wasn’t exactly designed for touchscreens in mind so perhaps the experience won’t be optimal, but it will definitely be novel. Who wouldn’t mind having one of these bad boys installed in their home?

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