The global smartphone market is very competitive, that’s certainly no secret. You have the big guys, Apple and Samsung, battling it out on top. Then there are a plethora of manufacturers who are competing against each other, while not losing sight of where they ultimately want to be. In recent years, Sony too has emerged as a player in this market. Just this year it has released a number of impressive smartphones that have been very well received. Sony’s reveals in its last quarter’s earnings report that it has seen a 39.3 percent increase in its smartphone shipments as compared to the same time last year.

On the back of strong sales, Sony’s smartphone business also sees a decrease in operating loss of $9 million. Despite that particular business performing well, the company’s other divisions are being given a run for their money in their respective markets. Sony has actually cut down its annual profit forecast from $500 million to $300 million. The company’s camera sales witnessed a 6.9 percent decline, whereas its TV sales are up. In the last quarter, Sony managed to sell 2 million PlayStation 3 units, but its gaming division still posted an operating loss of $8 million. The loss is blamed on “strategic price reduction” of the PS Vita. Sony is hopeful that its new console, the PlayStation 4, will bring the division back to profitability.

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