Pizza is probably one of the most popular meals you can have in the U.S. as it’s cheap to make, available nearly everywhere and is downright delicious if you find the perfect restaurant. If you’ve ever experienced pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, then you know it somehow tastes even better when cooked in that type of oven. But have you ever eaten pizza out of a wood-fire oven that looks like a giant disco ball.

Pizzeria Disco Volante in Vienna installed its centerpiece oven, which is covered in approximately 7500 special cut mirror tiles. The disco ball pizza oven was designed and constructed by a group of architects and designers from Madam Mohr in Vienna. The oven sits inside of the restaurant, allowing those who are about to enjoy their meal get an eyeful of the disco ball oven that even able to spin around.

We have a feeling you won’t be in Vienna any time soon, but we certainly will be marking Pizzeria Disco Volante as a spot to visit if we ever make it to the city in the near future. A wood-fire oven can create quite the delicious pizza, although one that looks like a disco ball will probably make an even more amazing pie.

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