Amazon Instant Video has been launched in Japan today, it offers movies and TV shows for streaming, download rental and outright purchase. Customers can choose titles from a library containing over 26,000 movies and TV shows, out of which around 15,000 titles are available in HD. Content from local major studios and TV networks is available as well through the service. The launch comes at a time when the Kindle Fire HDX tablet is also making its way into Japan, with Amazon offering customers a 2,000 yen coupon to get them to try the service on their new tablet.

By launching Instant Video in Japan, Amazon joins rivals Apple, Google and Hulu. Netflix, which is already quite big in other parts of the world, has no presence in the Japanese market as of now. Amazon also goes up against local operators such as NotTV, Tsutaya TV and GyaO Corp. Pricing structure varies for newer and older titles. For example old films like Good Will Hunting can be rented for 100 yen, for 24 hours. Newer films like Monsters University cost $5 to rent for one day, and $25 if they user wants to purchase it. Local broadcasters Fuji TV, NHK as well as Shochiku Co. and Toho Co. are Amazon’s initial content partners in Japan. Titles from Hollywood studios are obviously included as well.

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