blackflag-900pThe world of video games have certainly come a long way since it first enthralled the minds of kids and adults alike, and we have moved from CGA graphics to modern day Full HD interpretations of the real world. In fact, Assassin’s Creed 4 is said to render at 900p, which would have been unthinkable of just half a decade ago, and we also have word that there will be a future update which will boost this to native 1080p, now how about that? This would truly help you maximize the use of your Full HD TV in your living room, wouldn’t it?

Ubisoft has also revealed that players are required to download a title update which is coming shortly after the release in order to enjoy the full 1080p native resolution. Heck, I am quite sure that without the title update, most folks would already be taken in by the stunning visuals when playing the game on next-gen consoles, and it would be pretty difficult for the untrained eye to tell whether there is any difference between 900p and 1080p when playing. Apart from 1080p resolution with the title update, it will also introduce a new anti-aliasing technique which is touted to deliver an even cleaner, clearer and more brilliant moving image.
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