There is a reason why cellphone usage in a car is illegal if its not hooked up to a hands-free system, the driver is easily distracted if they’re driving while texting, tweeting, talking or taking a picture and this can cause fatal accidents.┬áThe Aura smart dock aims to let you snap, shoot, talk and text using your Android smartphone while driving, without having to hold it in your hands. It comes with a wireless remote and converts an Android smartphone into an in-vehicle console. The interface is simple, making it as easy to control as the car radio. With a simple press of a button, drivers can navigate, communicate and snap or shoot easily.


With a single touch of a button, Aura can also enable Google Voice Commands, allowing the driver to do so much more without having to take their hands off the steering wheel. It can also be configured to read texts out-loud, so drivers don’t have to look at the smartphone’s display. Aura works in cars that do or do not have Bluetooth capability, if its the latter, incoming calls are automatically put on speaker. The dock also has a built-in charger, so it charges your device on the way to your destination.┬áThe Aura smart dock is a project of MightyCarma, the company seeks $79,000 in funding through its Kickstarter campaign. So far it has received around $4,000, the campaign is being run until December 4th. The lowest you can pledge right now to get an Aura smart dock complete with the dock, remote and app by April 2014 is $69.

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