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Battlefield 4 PS4 Patch Released To Help Decrease Amount Of Crashes

battlefield 4 ps4 patch

PlayStation 4 owners who attempted to play Battlefield 4 once the console launched were met with a number of crashes that certainly put a damper on the experience, especially when their save files would become corrupted, which would then need to receive an overwrite in order to play the game. The Battlefield 4 experience on the PS4 has been one that has surely tried the patience of many gamers, and today, EA has released a patch for this version of their first-person shooter title. 

The PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 patch was released with the specific intent to fix crashes players have been experiencing and say this patch “should further decrease the amount of crashes and increase the overall stability of the game.” Here’s the full list of what was fixed in Battlefield 4’s recent patch:

With Thanksgiving soon upon us, hopefully the patch EA released for Battlefield 4 will make playing the game less stress inducing considering just how unstable the pre-patch version of the game has been.

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