Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 Might Be A Long Time Coming, If At All

EA and BioWare’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic franchise is one of the more beloved Star War video game franchises around at the moment. However if you were hoping to see Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 anytime soon, then you probably shouldn’t hold your breath because it might not be coming anytime soon, if at all.

EA Says They Are ‘Fully Committed’ To Making Star Wars Games

Recently there was a report about how EA had apparently cancelled an open world Star Wars game that was in development. Following the controversy of Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s loot boxes, we’re sure many were wondering what would become of EA’s Star Wars games in the future.

EA Reportedly Cancels Open World Star Wars Game

The open world game concept is one that is pretty popular these days, and we’ve seen it used to great effect on games like Grand Theft Auto V and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild just to name a few. Now several years ago, EA’s Visceral Games was said to be developing an open world Star Wars game, but following the shut down of the studio, many wondered […]

EA Could Be Working To Bring Frostbite Engine To The Nintendo Switch

A fair number of games published under EA uses the company’s Frostbite engine. It is a beautiful engine and games like Battlefield are a good example of what the engine looks like. Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, the console does not support Frostbite yet, which is why games like FIFA 18 use a custom engine in its place.


Battlefield V’s Microtransactions Could Launch January 18, 2019

It’s not surprising that microtransactions are a thing these days that developers and publishers are adding to their games. EA’s Battlefield V is expected to feature microtransactions as well, although the company had stated back then that the feature will not be available at launch to give players some time to experience the game.

Battlefield V Discounted By 50% For Returning Players

EA’s Battlefield V was only released last month, but there have reports that claim that the game isn’t selling as well as its predecessors, so much so that it has been discounted very early on in its life. In fact the latest promotion run by EA, it seems that they will be discounting Battlefield V by as much as 50% for returning players.

Command & Conquer: Rivals Now Available On iOS And Android

Back in the day, Command & Conquer was one of the more popular RTS games available, although in recent times we haven’t really heard much about the franchise, at least until earlier this year when EA announced Command & Conquer: Rivals which would be a game released for mobile.

EA Announces 4K Remasters Of First Two Command & Conquer Games

EA did drop hints recently that it may remaster the Command & Conquer games and it’s now offering more information about the plan. The publisher has confirmed that it will be offering remastered versions of the first two Command & Conquer games. That’s not all, the original C&C and Red Alert games will be remastered in 4K.

BioWare Wants Fans To Know Mass Effect Is Still Alive And Well

As many a Star Wars fan can attest, the original trilogy is probably the best out of all the Star Wars movies that have been released to date, and while the latest set of movies are certainly light years ahead of the prequels, it just doesn’t quite have the same feel. This could be one of the reasons why Mass Effect Andromeda wasn’t quite as well received as BioWare would […]

Battlefield 5 PC Specs Revealed

If you’re more of a PC gamer and are thinking about potentially playing EA’s upcoming Battlefield 5 on the PC, then you probably need to make sure that you have the required specs to run the game. Thankfully the folks at EA and DICE have shared the the minimum and recommended specs needed to run the game on your computer.

EA Is Betting Big On Cloud-Based Game Streaming With Project Atlas

With internet speeds being as fast as they are today, streaming music and videos directly is possible. This is a concept not lost in the gaming industry where the idea of being able to stream video games has been floated in the past, with many companies trying their hand at establishing their own service.

Command & Conquer: Rivals Confirmed For December 4 Release

Earlier this year EA announced a new Command & Conquer game called Rivals. However this isn’t the Command & Conquer RTS that most people are familiar with. Instead it is a title designed for mobile devices. For those who are curious about the new game, you might be interested to learn that EA has confirmed that the game will be released on the 4th of December.

Battlefield V’s Microtransactions Will Only Be For Cosmetic Items

While microtransactions are a lucrative model for developers and publishers of video games to pursue, in recent times it seems that companies are starting to dial back on how aggressively they push the model. The good news for those who weren’t fans of the model is that it looks like Battlefield V will be somewhat free of them.

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Will Only Arrive In 2019

One of the popular modes of games these days is the battle royale mode, which games like Fortnite and PUBG helped to popularize. This has resulted in recent games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V introducing similar modes to their games. Unfortunately for Battlefield V gamers, the battle royale mode is only expected to arrive in 2019.