BlackBerry-LogoWhile BlackBerry isn’t exactly doing well overall, there are some markets in which the company is still relatively well, and it looks like over in Australia, BlackBerry’s market share has actually seen a slight increase. According to a report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, they have found that BlackBerry’s market share in September 2013 sat at 1.3%, which is a gain from its market share back in September 2012 where it sat at a pretty low 0.4%. Interestingly enough in Australia, the market shares of other platforms such as iOS and Windows Phone have actually gone up, while Android has taken a slight hit, dropping by as much as 10.8%.

While this might seem rather substantial as far as the Australian market is concerned, overall Android is still dominating the smartphone market and has long outpaced its rival, iOS, leaving Windows Phone and BlackBerry in the dust. It is possible that BlackBerry’s increase in market share is thanks to the support of the Australian Transportation Safety Bureau. According to BlackBerry Australia’s managing director, Matthew Bell, “We will absolutely remain focused on serving our market here […] News of our death is printed on an almost daily basis and, from a personal perspective that can be really frustrating and distracting to the market.”

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