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BlackBerry Is Making A Comeback In 2021 With A New 5G Smartphone
At one point in time, BlackBerry was the darling of mobile phones and almost everyone had a BlackBerry. This is thanks to its unique hardware keyboard along with exclusive services like BBM. If you were a fan of BlackBerry, you might be interested to learn that the company is planning on making a comeback in 2021.

TCL Will Stop Selling BlackBerry-branded Smartphones
TCL Communications was responsible to make modern BlackBerry phones like KEYone (or the KEY series of smartphones) possible.Basically, they had the rights the sell BlackBerry-branded smartphones which they partnered (or acquired) in December 2016.Even though they did a good job – the sales were not enough to keep up with the business.And, we think that is the reason why TCL Communication decided to stop making BlackBerry smartphones. In a recent […]

How To Turn ON Flashlights on Android
Thanks to high-powered flash units being included in our smartphones these days, we essentially have a flashlight in our pocket ready to go at all times, and here’s how you can enable them ranging from brand to brand.

BlackBerry Messenger Has Been Officially Shut Down
Before apps like WhatsApp and iMessage were around, BlackBerry Messenger (also known as BBM) was one of the most popular messenger services around. This is because the app had used encryption to help protect messages sent between devices before it became a standard across messenger apps today.


A New BlackBerry Device Codenamed ‘Monet’ Could Be In The Works
While a lot of the focus has been on smartphones from the more mainstream brands, let’s not forget that BlackBerry is still very much in the race. In fact, it seems that a new BlackBerry handset codenamed “Monet” could be in the works thanks to references made to the handset in config files.

BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition Launched With 128GB Storage
If you were hoping to see the successor to the BlackBerry KEY2 at MWC this year, then you might be disappointed as the handset failed to make an appearance. However for those who are fine with the KEY2, you might be pleased to learn that a new colorway for the handset has been announced in a striking red finish.

Canadian Government Invests $40 Million Into BlackBerry For Autonomous Cars
It’s not hard to imagine that in the future, self-driving cars will become the norm. This isn’t a surprising development as self-driving cars will most likely lead to safer roads as cars will (mostly) be driven at uniform speeds, and will probably have quicker reaction times compared to human drivers who can sometimes be distracted.

Blind Smartphone Camera Test Yields Very Surprising Results
When you think of smartphone cameras that are supposed to be good, you might think of brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more recently even Google is giving these companies a run for their money. This means that in theory in a blind test, it should be pretty clear who the winners are, right?

BlackBerry Has An Enterprise Alexa Device In The Works
BlackBerry is a company that was known to be the brand of choice when it came to mobile solutions for companies, at least that was the case back in the day. However the company has not given up on trying to appeal to enterprise customers and is now working on expanding its portfolio.

BlackBerry KEY2 LE Pre-Orders Open In The U.S.
BlackBerry fans looking forward to picking up the cheaper version of the company’s high-end smartphone can now get their wallets ready. BlackBerry KEY2 LE pre-orders are now open in the United States through Amazon. The handset can be picked up in slate and champagne colors and both have different release dates.

Facebook Sues BlackBerry Over Voice Messaging Technology
It’s common for tech companies that get sued for patent infringement to hit the company suing them with a similar lawsuit in kind. Merely months after BlackBerry sued Facebook and alleged that the social network in addition to WhatsApp and Instagram had infringed on its messaging app patents, Facebook has hit back at BlackBerry with its own lawsuit claiming that the company has stolen its voice messaging technology.

BlackBerry Key2 LE Goes Official At $399
There had been some reports over the past couple of months suggesting that TCL Mobile, the company that makes BlackBerry-branded smartphones now, could launch a more affordable version of the BlackBerry Key2. The handset has officially been launched by the company today at IFA 2018 as the BlackBerry Key2 LE. It’s going to be priced at $399.

TCL Posts Teaser For BlackBerry KEY2 LE’s Unveiling At IFA 2018
With the various leaks and rumors, it has been all but confirmed that a BlackBerry KEY2 LE smartphone is in the works. In fact TCL seemed to have confirmed as much with a save the date invitation that they shared with the media with an announcement scheduled for the 30th of August.

BlackBerry Key2 LE Specs And Image Leaked
A recent FCC listing suggested that there’s a variant of the BlackBerry Key2 in the pipeline. A new leak has revealed the BlackBerry Key2 LE specs and also given us our first look at the upcoming handset from BlackBerry Mobile, the TCL division that makes BlackBerry-branded smartphones now.

FCC Seemingly Confirms BlackBerry KEY2 LE Smartphone
The BlackBerry KEY2 was officially launched not too long ago but in case the $650 price tag has put you off a bit from purchasing it, or if you simply wanted a more affordable BlackBerry handset, you might be pleased to learn that a potentially cheaper variant of the BlackBerry KEY2 could be in the works.

BlackBerry KEY2 Found To Be More Durable Than Its Predecessor
Last year when BlackBerry launched the KEYone, there were some issues with regards to its durability where based on tests, it was discovered that the screen could be easily unhinged when pressure was put on the phone to bend it. Subsequent models had this issue address, to the credit of its manufacturer TCL.

BlackBerry KEY2 Now Available For Pre-Order In The US
The BlackBerry KEY2 was officially announced earlier this month and for those who have been eyeing the handset, you’ll be pleased to learn that the KEY2 is now officially available for pre-order from Best Buy where according to the retailer, the handset is expected to be made available on the 13th of July.

BlackBerry Key2 Officially Launched, Price Confirmed
We have heard countless reports over the past couple of months that TCL will soon be launching a new BlackBerry-branded smartphone. The leaks had revealed that this device will be called the BlackBerry Key2 and as the name suggests, it would be a successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne. TCL’s BlackBerry Mobile division has officially launched the BlackBerry Key2 today and has also confirmed its price.

BlackBerry Key2 Teaser Reveals Dual Camera And Mystery Button
TCL’s BlackBerry Mobile division will soon be rolling out a new handset. This handset is the successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne and the company has already confirmed that the device will be called the BlackBerry Key2. A new teaser video has been released by the company which confirms reports that this will be the first BlackBerry-branded device with a dual camera system at the back. It also gives us a […]

BlackBerry Key2 Makes Customary FCC Stop
TCL, the China-based company that makes BlackBerry-branded smartphones now, will be launching a new handset in the near future. The company has been working on the successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne and it’s going to be called the BlackBerry Key2. It has already been confirmed officially when this device is going to be announced and the handset has now made its customary stop at the Federal Communications Commission for certification […]