Bond From Kwamecorp Could Offer Physical Touch In Long Distance RelationshipsI would say that all of our senses are equally precious, and one should never underestimate the healing power of touch. In fact, being separated from your loved one is difficult enough to go through, even more so when it involves a long distance relationship, never mind that one is still able to call, text, and hold video conversations – there is something about a human touch that makes everything different. Will technology be able to help us bridge this gap? Perhaps, as Kwamecorp has come up with this new Bond system.

The Bond sensors would arrive in pairs, where it enables you to keep one, while passing the other to your other half, partner, or basically someone else whom you have a deep affection for. You can wear it around the wrist or as a pendant, where the Bond modular sensors will then be able to deliver caresses as well as tickles either way, as long as the both of you remain within vicinity of mobile phone coverage. The Bond system will play nice with any iOS or Android device over a Bluetooth connection, and has adequate battery life to last an entire week before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet. Sending a tickle is as simple as double tapping the sensor in order to unlock it, before you touch it – the recipient will then receive the tickle for as long as your finger remains on the Bond. Pretty neat, no? [Indiegogo Page]

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