Canon EOS M Successor Now Rumored For 2014 Launch

canon-eos-m-review--01Last we heard, the Canon EOS M’s successor was rumored to be announced “soon”, although the term “soon” can hardly be used to describe the latest rumor, which suggests that the EOS M’s successor will most likely only see an announcement in 2014. With CES 2014 taking place early next year, that is a viable platform for the camera’s announcement, if not we guess we will have to wait for a separate Canon event or wait for the press release if Canon decides the successor is not worthy of an event of its own.

Not much is known about the EOS M’s specs, other than what the rumors are saying, which is that it will not be too big of a departure from the current-gen EOS m. However it is rumored to be slightly smaller and is said to provide a slightly better AF experience, so if you think the current EOS M could do with a better AF system (our review found the auto-focus slow), hopefully its successor will not disappoint. The next-gen EOS M is also said to feature a 20MP sensor taken from recently announced EOS 70D. In any case take all of this with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys make of these alleged changes/improvements? Are there additional features you’d like to see in the next-gen EOS M?

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