It wasn’t too long ago that Google announced the Nexus 5 and while for the most part the handset appeared to share similar hardware to the LG G2, one of the things that unfortunately did not bring over was the LG G2’s camera, which based on our reviews proved to be surprisingly good. That’s not to say that the Nexus 5’s camera is bad, it’s just not what some would consider to be the best. Google seems to think otherwise and has since released a trio of videos that highlight the Nexus 5’s camera abilities and some of its features, such as HDR+, Photo Sphere, and Auto Awesome.

In any case these trio of ads are pretty short and run for about 16 seconds each, so if you have a minute or two to spare, perhaps you’ll want to check them out. As it stands, cameras in smartphones are starting to become more important and more powerful these days, with the likes of the LG G2 and the Nokia Lumia 1020 sporting some impressive optics, so it does not come as a complete surprise that Google is trying to attract customers over to the Nexus 5 by highlighting its camera features, although in all fairness its stock Android and cheap price is more than enough reason to get your hands on one.

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