It hasn’t been long since Google released its latest flagship smartphone, the Nexus 5. The device has been very well received, early reviews have sung its praises and a lot of customers have rushed to pick up a Nexus 5. The Play Store no longer has the Nexus 5 16GB black model in stock now, the product page reads that there isn’t any inventory available and that customers should check back soon. Google hasn’t said when this particular model is going to be back in stock.

While other models remain in stock, shipping times have started to slip. The Nexus 5 16GB white model now takes between four to five weeks to ship, whereas the 32GB black takes three to four weeks and the 32GB white model ships in two to three weeks. So if you haven’t purchased a Nexus 5 directly from Google as yet, it will take quite a lot of time for your unit to be shipped provided that you put in your order today. It remains to be seen if shipping times slip any further as the holiday season approaches, hopefully Google will have enough inventory to improve shipping times. If you really want a Nexus 5 and don’t mind purchasing it from a carrier, T-Mobile is currently taking pre-orders for the smartphone.

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