Microsoft decided to include its new Kinect sensor with the Xbox One, while Sony has made the PlayStation 4 camera an optional purchase for those who want to be able to be seen by their console. With the Xbox One’s Kinect, you can carry out a multitude of voice commands, one of which allows you to wake the console while it’s not being used. Unfortunately, it seems the PlayStation 4 doesn’t share this same feature.

Sony held a super secret review event in New York City for the PlayStation 4, where journalists in attendance were able to poke and prod the console as well as check out some games. One such feature that was tested was the PlayStation 4’s voice commands, which only interprets only a small amount of basic commands. One thing that couldn’t be done was wake the PlayStation 4 up while it’s in standby mode by voice, but that’s not all as voice commands for applications like Netflix weren’t available yet. The PS4 could be turned off through voice commands, though.

Sony hopes more applications will integrate with the PlayStation 4’s camera and microphone, although it didn’t seem the company put as much emphasis on competing with Microsoft’s Kinect at this point. Sony representatives say more functionality will be added over time, so we guess we’ll see what they make possible once the PlayStation 4 is made available.

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