robot-roundupThere is nothing quite like technology to help one in their job. If you are a farmer and love all of the hands-on experiences that you spend with your animals and crops each day, surely an extra pair of eyes and hands will come in handy regardless of the task. Assuming you have a herd of cows grazing on your fields, rounding them up can be quite a challenge, even with your pet dog around. How about having an assistant that will never complain about the long hours nor does not get upset at all? Meet Rover, the robotic cow-herder, that gets the job done in a cool and calculated manner.

Rover comes across as a four-wheeled device, where it has been tested by a team at Sydney University. In that particular test, Rover actually helped move an entire herd of cows from a field to a dairy with great success. What was more amazing for the researchers was this – the entire herd of cows found it a snap to accept the presence of Rover in a jiffy, now how about that? Does this mean that farm hands will be obsolete sometime down the road? Probably not, as you will still need someone to help clean up Rover’s tracks of cow poop.

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