Bully-GmP-GamingFor those unfamiliar, Bully was a game released by Rockstar back in 2005 and has been pretty well received due to its unique gameplay. The game saw a re-release for the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 in 2008, but we haven’t really heard about the franchise since, although back in 2011 it was stated that a sequel was in the cards, but not confirmed. Well it looks like things could be well on their way thanks to the folks at Junkie Monkeys who discovered a trademark by Rockstar that was registered in November for the title, “Bully Bullworth Academy: Canis Canem Edit”.

Of course there’s always the possibility that this could be Rockstar trying to protect their brand and franchise, although like we said, it was in 2011 that a sequel was said to be in the cards, so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if Rockstar had begun working on something from 2011 until 2013. It has also been discovered on the CVs of developers working at Rockstar that they are working on a big title that is supposedly based on an existing franchise, and while Bully is a possibility, some are thinking it could be Red Dead Redemption, but what do you guys think? Which title are you more looking forward to?

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