sestoWhen it comes to portable hospital beds, it does seem that they do require a fair amount of handling by the hospital staff whenever patients need to move from room to room. For instance, more often than not, one person needs to push from the back, while there is another person right up in front to steer it. Who knows, there might be another person around who will be keeping a close eye on the IV lines in order to ensure that the patient remains on the bed, especially when it is being pushed at a rather fast pace, making sure that the patient does not fall off. This relatively large procession is quite a sight, and here is an idea to help lower the number of staff required to move the bed. The SESTO motorized bed system is the result of a collaboration between the National University of Singapore and HOPE Technik, a Singaporean firm.

Basically, the SESTO motorized bed system needs only one person to drive it, now how about that? Not only that, the SESTO system can be retro-fitted to any current hospital bed, where it comes with a couple of motorized wheels which can be turned to move the bed in any direction. [Product Page]

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