Apple updated its Retina MacBook Pro lineup recently, the biggest change is the adoption of Intel’s Haswell processors, while a number of nominal changes have been made as well. Though it appears that owners of both 13 inch and 15 inch models of the late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro are facing issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s a thread on Apple’s official support forums filled with such complaints, where customers find Wi-Fi connectivity be inconsistent as the connection drops unexpected. Some even complain of fluctuation in speeds.

It is unclear what’s causing this issue, Apple is yet to inform us that its looking into this, but its likely that the issue might be due to a software glitch. Issues such as this are often easily fixed through a firmware update. Only recently Apple released a firmware update for the new Retina MacBook Pro models fixing various keyboard and trackpad related issues that many customers were facing. Some customers are making use of a temporary fix mentioned in the comments, turning Wi-Fi off and back on again fixes the issue. Though the fix isn’t permanent, its comes up again when the laptop is woken up from sleep mode. On the official forums, some customers are also complaining about the laptop being unresponsive after its woken up from sleep.

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