sonoThere are always two sides to a particular coin, and for those who happen to stay in a city, you would know that it has its fair share of perks, although there is also a number of drawbacks such as theft, feeling unsafe in certain segments of the city, as well as noise pollution. Some folks have already gotten used to the noise pollution, but for others, it can be pretty difficult to get to bed with the sound of vehicles all below, party goers who do not know when to stop revelling downstairs, and the ilk. Here is a conceptual device that might come in handy one day – the Sono, where it relies on a technology which is similar to the kind found in noise-cancelling headphones.

You will be able to filter out sounds that you would want to listen to, such as the chirping of birds, or perhaps a passing ice cream truck. The sound preferences can be adjusted thanks to a circular scroll panel that is located on the face of the device. This is a window-mounted device that relies on a high-frequency laser microphone that picks up sounds which trouble you, where it will then send out sounds of its own at 180 degrees, cancelling it before it arrives at your window – and your ears, of course. It comes with a suction cup mount that has an “energy antenna” which has been embedded within to gather electromagnetic activity so that it can be used as power to accompany that of its internal battery.

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