cyrusCyrus has introduced a new range of Lyric series music players that do not seem to look as though they are music players. In fact, at first glance, I thought that it was some sort of new multi-purpose inkjet printer that has a scanner functionality, too. Well, sorry to burst your bubble if you thought in the same way that I did, but the Cyrus Lyric series music players could very well end up as the most suitable hub when it comes to above average living room audio. Yes sir, just like how we should not judge a book by its cover, neither should we judge a music player by its design.

The Lyric 05 (80W per channel, 24-bit DAC) as well as the Lyric 09 (170W per channel, 32-bit DAC) are more than capable of streaming 24-bit, 192kHz tunes from other devices on a local network, while there is also an iPad app that doubles up as a remote control. Other than that, they are also able to stream the likes of internet radio, with the ability to play audio from majority of Bluetooth-enabled or USB-based sources. If you are not that high tech and are still stuck in 1990, then you will find the availability of a CD player to be comforting, and just in case you have run out of songs in your personal collection to listen to, how about subjecting yourself to the random tunes on the DAB+ radio and FM radio?

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