google_logoWhat happens when you have a whole lot of money and influence? Well, it is a whole lot easier to make things happen, of course, and that seems to be the case with Google. Bloomberg has reported that Google could be looking into designing their very own server chips as part of an effort in order to build a better way for its hardware and software to interact with one another. Does this mean that Intel should watch out for this potential development? I would suppose so, especially when you consider how Google is not any two bit company, and the latter is touted to rely on technology from ARM Holdings Plc.

Right now, Google is said to be the fifth largest customer of Intel, and should Google actually make its move into the world of server chips, it would definitely affect Intel’s bottomline at the end of the day – by up to 4.3%, if you were to take the percentage of Intel’s revenue contributed by the folks over at Google. Having said that, designing their own server chips also makes sense for Google in the long run, when you consider how they have already begun to design their own data centers with servers worldwide. With ARM’s chips being the top dog in the world of smartphones and tablets, it ain’t such a bad idea after all to team up with them. This is still a rumor, though, as Google has yet to step forward to confirm or deny such claims.

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