The Google Display Network houses some 2 million websites of all kinds, thus it offers advertisers a broad reach and more bang for their buck. The company says that it has seen growing interest from advertisers in ad formats that are designed around engagement, getting people to interact and engage with their ad which is why it has started testing +Post ads. The format lets advertisers turn any content posted to their Google+ page, content that is public, and turn it into an ad that can be shown across the Google Display Network. Content can include photos, videos or even a Hangout. “The lets brands think of the entire web as their social stream,” says Eran Arkin, product manager of Google+.

+Post ads are focused on increasing engagement, so advertisers will be able to start conversations within the ad, consumers will be able to reshare video, comment or even join a live Hangout from within the ad. At this point in time, +Post ads are only being run with a select group of partners which includes Toyota USA, Cadbury UK and Ritz crackers. Google says that these brands are seeing 50 percent higher expansion rates than the industry average for rich media ads. The company says that it will open up this format to additional advertisers over the next few months.

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