Ingress Storyline Set To Continue?Niantic Labs (under Google) will be a company that is not around forever, and heck, just about all companies cannot guarantee that they will be hanging around still when the apocalypse approaches. Well, if there is one thing that you ought to know about Niantic Labs, it is this – programming kits are being worked upon, where upon its release, it would be able to assist coders to virtually write down the code for their own games, complete with chat layers and location information, where ads too, will also pop up as and when required.

The thing is, you might not be able to write your very own title at any point in time in the immediate future, as the folks over at Niantic Labs has yet to make ready such tools. Apart from that, their availability might also depend on the kind of flexibility which the team intends to developer. One thing is for sure though, should Niantic Labs actually manage to release a programming kit that appeals across a broad spectrum of users, then Ingress fans would be a happy lot, with more than just the beta’s end or iOS support to look forward to. What do you think the programming kit will usher in?

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