male-contraceptiveWhen it comes to birth control, there has been plenty of advancements made over the years, but there seems to be a whole lot more options available to the ladies compared to men. Well, it seems that there might be a new method in the world of contraceptives, and that would be to prevent sperm from being ejaculated. A new mouse study has pointed to this possibility which should be made possible via a birth control drug which will be concocted specially for the guys.

Of course, cautious restraint should be exercised, as this research does not mean that a male contraceptive drug will be available on pharmacy shelves in a few years’ time, since the drug itself, if manufactured, will first need to go through years of testing for safety and effectiveness. Needless to say, the male contraceptive would be more of a biological challenge to achieve than that of a female contraceptive, since it needs to stop all of the sperm cells men that are ejaculted. Not only that, this potential anti-sperm birth control method will also need to be reversible, all without causing any harm to the sperm cells in the long run. Sounds like a massive challenge, don’t you think so? Other forms of male contraception were also explored previously.

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