neo900We first heard about the Neo900 in October this year, where it proved to be a smartphone that intends to continue from where the now defunct Nokia N900 stopped. What was the significance of the Nokia N900? Well, that was one of the last handsets that will ship with the open source Maemo Linux operating system. In a fitting tribute of sorts to the Nokia N900, Neo900 developers intend to resurrect Maemo via a compatible device that will obviously arrive with better hardware to keep up with the times, in addition to boasting of support for 4G LTE mobile networks.

Of course, to come up with a smartphone just like that is no mean feat, and it will require a whole lot of money, but it is a good thing that there is this idea known as crowdfunding. The Neo900 team turned to the masses with their idea, hoping to raise at least €25,000 along the way alongside 200 device pre-orders, as that should be sufficient to being rolling units off the production line. It is our pleasure to announce that the Ne900 has already met both goals officially, and the next phase will include generating more money to hit a minimum of 1,000 units, which in turn would make the Neo900 more affordable to the masses compared to the current $1,000 price tag. Just be aware that the hardware within the Neo900 is nothing much to shout about, and if you want something high end, this is not the handset to look at.

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