Screen_Shot_2013-12-30_at_3.52.10_PMAt the moment Netflix’s basic subscription is set at $7.99 that allows you to watch programs from its service on two screens, either in high definition or standard definition. $7.99 is admittedly not much to pay but at the same time we suppose for some individuals or families, it is considered to be a luxury. Well the good news is that Netflix is looking to offer even cheaper subscription fees at $6.99, a good $1 cheaper than its current offering but the only difference is that instead of allowing high definition viewing, the new offering will only allow viewers to enjoy their shows in standard definition.

For those who don’t own high definition televisions or really can’t be fussed about those sorts of things, we suppose saving a dollar ain’t too bad. As it stands, Netflix stated that this new service is currently in testing and will only be offered to select customers for now before the company plans on making it available to a wider audience. According to The Verge, they claim that this subscription plan can be found after signing up for one month of free streaming, after which the option will be made available to you. What do you guys think of this newer and cheaper service from Netflix? Is the price difference between $7.99 and $6.99 going to help make customers hop on board the Netflix bandwagon if they haven’t joined already?

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