the-projecteo-03a8.0000001386029351Instagram has grown with such popularity that we’re starting to see the photo sharing service expand beyond the digital realm, where companies are offering to print Instagram photos as food items, such as chocolate blocks and marshmallows. Well if you’re looking to share your Instagram photos in a non-edible way, you might be interested in the Projecteo. The Projecteo is basically a miniature projector device that will take 9 Instagram prints of your choosing and converts them into projector film in which you will be able to project it onto a surface, like a wall, and share those moments with your friends or family. There’s just something about everyone gathered in the same room and taking in the moment compared to everyone viewing it separately on their devices, don’t you agree?

As you can see in the photo above, the Projecteo is an incredibly small device and comes with a set of batteries that will allow it to operate. The size of the projections was not mentioned, but we suppose we can’t really expect too much from it, save for novelty value. Projecteo is priced at a somewhat affordable $35, so if you’d like to print and share 9 of your best and most memorable Instagram photos with your friends and family this festive season, head on over to Photojojo’s website for the details!

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