Those of you who have a sweet tooth would more or less love chocolates, and there are plenty of different kinds of chocolates for one to choose from. How about turning the phrase “sweet memories” into a literal meaning? This is what Cocoagraph is all about, where the company will turn all of your favorite Instagram prints into confectionery that most of us know and love. The chocolates which are churned out by Cocoagraph will arrive in the classic vintage sepia tones of Instagram, where you can also opt to upload your favorite photo, include borders, and how about throwing in a custom message or two as well?

According to the Philadelphia-based company, “Cocoagraphs are artisan chocolate bars printed with edible Polaroid-style photographs. Calling to mind nostalgia for years past, these charming confections are completely custom, printed with any photograph, logo, or image of your choosing. Each Cocoagraph is handmade to order, with your choice of milk, white, dark or organic dark chocolate. All chocolate comes from a family operated company using ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices to ensure superior flavor and quality.”

A single bar will cost you $8.50, while forking out $12 nets you a trio of smaller sized chocolates. Check out a promo video about Cocoagraph after the jump.

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