Samsung Tablets Saw A Bigger Boost This Christmas

The tablet market is very lucrative and very competitive. There are certain established players, like the Apple iPad, which command significant market share. Several OEMs make quite a few very popular Android tablets, such as the Nexus 7. As for which tablet saw the biggest boost this Christmas, Onswipe Chief Marketing Officer Jason Baptiste says that “Samsung clearly won Christmas when it comes to tablets.” Onswipe reaches over 31 million unique mobile users and it looked at optimized sites during December 26th and December 29th, comparing it with figures from December 19th to December 22nd.

The company found that Samsung Galaxy tablets saw a 50.4 percent growth and were trailed in second place by Nexus 7 tablets with 33.8 percent growth. iPads saw 20.4 percent whereas Kindle Fires were down in fourth place with 19.5 percent. It should be kept in mind that Onswipe has focused on percentage growth, which doesn’t necessarily mean that a particular tablet sold much better than the others during this period. Baptiste reveals that the averages session times from Samsung tablet users stood at 3 minutes and 9 seconds after December 25th as opposed to 3 minutes and 32 seconds for the previous period. iPads saw average session time drop to 4 minutes and 3 seconds as opposed to 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

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