13.07.08-App_StoreApple has made quite a name for itself not only in terms of hardware, but their App Store, too, has raked in plenty of dough along the way. In fact, Apple’s App Store template has been followed by other companies too, albeit with different names, and to various degrees of success. Well, we now know that Apple has achieved yet another milestone where their App Store downloads are concerned – surpassing the $10 billion mark, now how about that? In a nutshell, iOS device owners downloaded close to three billion apps in December alone, with developers earning $8 billion throughout 2013, leaving Apple with a cool $2 billion or so in profit.

According to Cupertino, App Store users who have downloaded nearly three billion apps in December last year also made December the most successful month for the app repository. The success of the App Store is a constant one, with the total number of apps available for iOS devices continues to move upward. Right now, Apple’s App Store is available in 155 countries, which oversees more than one million apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod and, not to mention half a million native iPad apps thrown into the mix as well. How much have you spent on the App Store to date? [Press Release]

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