Supreme Court Rules Apple Has To Face Lawsuit On App Store Monopoly

An antitrust lawsuit against Apple has been given the greenlight by the Supreme Court. It didn’t find merit in Apple’s argument that the App Store users were not really its customers. The apex court has upheld the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Apple v. Pepper. It has agreed in the 5-4 decision that App Store customers can sue Apple for allegedly driving up prices.

Apple Adds Confirmation Action For App Store Subscriptions

It was all too easy for App Store users to pay for a subscription they didn’t want if they used Touch ID for authentication. Just a simple misplaced finger on the home button could cause them to pay for a subscription they didn’t want. This was problematic because most users would press the Home button to try and leave the app when they saw a subscription popup. Since they had […]

Apple Won’t Allow Cryptocurrency Mining On iPhone

App developers looking to tap into the cryptocurrency trend take notice. Apple has updated its App Store review guidelines to lay down the law: it’s not going to allow cryptocurrency mining on iPhone and iPad. These new guidelines were released by the company during its Worldwide Developers’ Conference for apps that are distributed through the App Store, which is the only way developers can deliver apps for the platform since […]

Apple Removes Telegram From App Store

Telegram, a popular encrypted messaging application, is no longer available on the iOS App Store. Apple has removed the main app as well as the new Telegram X app from the App Store. It’s not that the company is opposed to apps like these because Telegram has long been available for iOS devices. Apple seems to have taken this action because some “inappropriate content” was made available to Telegram users […]


Apple Store Saw $300 Million In Purchases On New Year’s Day

A lot of people like to buy apps on New Year’s Day it seems. Apple has issued a press release which reveals that the App Store set a New Year’s Day sales record with more than $300 million in purchases. This goes to show that the App Store is kicking off the new year with a record-breaking holiday season.

Sketchy iOS Antivirus Apps Booted From App Store

There has been an abundance of sketchy virus scanning apps on the iOS App Store for quite some time now and Apple is finally clamping down on these low-quality apps. The company has updated its developer app review guidelines for iOS. The new guidelines also limit how developers can use Face ID on the iPhone X.

How to Update Your Apps (Android+iPhone)

No matter what device you own, whether it is an Android or an iPhone, you need to keep applications up to date to get the latest and greatest features and bug fixes (including security) as soon as they land.It is really simple to update your apps on both Android and iOS devices. We will explain the procedure to let you know how to update your apps for both mobile OS environments.

Apple Reportedly Removing Iranian Apps From App Store

If the latest reports are to be believed, Apple is allegedly removing apps made by developers and startups based in Iran from the App Store. The company hasn’t taken an official position on the matter and hasn’t commented on these reports as well. Apple previously opened up the App Store to Iranians in September last year albeit in a limited manner.

App Store Saw ‘Highest Monthly Sales Ever’ In November

The Apple App Store is your one-stop destination for any and all apps and games that you want for your mobile device. The App Store is a cash cow in its own right for the company and it has continued to see significant growth over the years. Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller revealed today via Twitter that the App Store saw its “highest monthly sales ever” […]

China’s App Store Spending Overtakes The U.S.

For years, the iOS App Store has made the bulk of its revenue from the United States, but a new report suggests that that’s no longer the case. The report from app intelligence company App Annie reveals that China’s iOS App Store spending has overtaken the United States. The People’s Republic now happens to be the largest market in the world for the App Store in terms of revenue.

Apple Will Be Removing Apps That Are No Longer Functional

Apple today announced that it’s going to clean up the App Store by removing applications that are no longer functional. In an email sent out to the developer community, the company has revealed that it’s making some changes to the App Store. Apps that no longer work or are simply outdated will be removed. Many believe that it’s about time that Apple launched a cleaning operation in the App Store as it […]

Google Releases Official Android TV Remote App For iOS

If you have got an Android TV device hooked up to your TV, you probably get an earful from the people in your family that don’t own an Android device because until today they were not able to control the Android TV unit with their smartphones. Google has fixed this problem today by releasing an official Android TV remote app on the App Store, the app enables all iOS users […]

Apple Promises To Clamp Down On Spam Apps

iOS users have recently been complaining about spam apps appearing in the “New” and “What’s Hot” sections of the App Store for some categories. Spam apps and rip-offs have actually been a problem on the App Store for a long time and while the company has taken steps to ensure that users are not exposed to these apps, there’s more work to be done, and the Apple executive in charge […]

Multiple Apple Services Down Today

It’s not uncommon for Apple’s online services to experience some downtime but users won’t like it when this starts to happen too often. Some of Apple’s online services were down today, services like the iTunes Store, iOS and Mac App Store and even the Apple TV service. The downtime made it impossible for users to access content or make purchases, very frustrating to say the least.