Doing your taxes can be daunting to say the least, you want to make sure that everything’s copacetic so that the tax man doesn’t have a reason to come knocking. A new change announced today will make the process a little bit easier for Americans. A United States Department of the Treasury official has announced that you can now download tax return transcript from IRS, through its new service aptly called Get Transcript. This announcement was made at White House’s “Datapalooza,” where policy leaders and hackers get together to explore how open government data can aid the U.S. education system.

Through Get Transcript, taxpayers can view, print and download their tax return transcripts going back years. This new service makes getting transcripts very easy, previously taxpayers were required to fill out a questionnaire and wait for up to 10 business days just so the forms could come in the mail, physical mail that is. Some might say that its about time that Americans are finally able to access their own tax returns online, its 2014 after all, and I am sure not a lot of people will disagree with them. The IRS’s Get Transcript service is live now and can be accessed from this link.

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