ff-xiv-ps4So you are a proud new owner of the Sony PS4, and would like to play an epic RPG on it? I suppose your quiet prayers whispered on the side have been answered with the official announcement of Final Fantasy XIV headed for the PS4 this coming April 14th. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will kick off its beta on February 22nd, with a full launch on the PS4 this coming April 14th as mentioned earlier. Apart from that, those who are flush with cash and want something which is a whole lot more memorable would be able to make do with the Collector’s Edition.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you will be called upon to defend the realm of Eorzea against a swarm of baddies. Of course, you will be able to rely on powerful magic as well as enchanted items and essential equipment to vanquish your foes, although cheat codes are in short supply in this day and age. What makes this PS4 version special is the fact that it has a unique Collector’s Edition that will feature a slew of art, music and movies that you can show off to impressed friends, as well as offering the kind of in-game support required to aid you in your quest thanks to a bunch of additional items such as a Fat Chocobo Mount, a Coeurl Mount, Behemoth Barding for your Chocobo Mount, a Wind-Up Moogle Minion, and a Baby Behemoth Minion among others.

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