Final Fantasy VII Will Becoming To The Nintendo Switch

The other day Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD was announced for the Nintendo Switch. It turns out that it wasn’t the only Final Fantasy game announced for the console because during Nintendo’s Direct event, it has been confirmed that the classic and legendary Final Fantasy VII will also be arriving on the console.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Set To Arrive On Switch And PS4

There’s more to look forward to for Final Fantasy fans. It was confirmed last week that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD will soon be released for the Nintendo Switch. It has now been revealed that this isn’t the only title coming to Nintendo’s console in the future. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is being ported over to the Switch as well as the PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Coming To Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has in the past expressed their liking of the Nintendo Switch. The interest also led to some wondering if the company could be bringing some of their Final Fantasy titles onto the Switch, like they have in the past with the DS consoles. The company had stated last year that they were still trying to figure it out.

Square Enix Admits Final Fantasy VII Remake Was Announced Too Early

The Final Fantasy VII remake was announced back in 2015 and now fast forward 3 years later, we still don’t have anything to look forward to. The game’s producer Tetsuya Nomura has reassured fans that the game is in development but when exactly we can expect its release is anyone’s guess.


Tetsuya Nomura Reassures That Final Fantasy VII Remake Is In Development

While Kingdom Hearts 3 was no doubt the focus on Square Enix’s E3 2018 presentation, a notable absence at Square Enix’s presentation was the Final Fantasy VII remake. The game was announced a couple of years ago but fast forward to today, Square Enix has revealed little to nothing about the game and their progress.

New Final Fantasy XI Mobile Screenshots Published Online

For the past several years, we’ve seen Square Enix bring various versions of their Final Fantasy games onto mobile. Now a few years ago, the company announced that they would be bringing Final Fantasy XI onto mobile, and that was a few years ago when the game was originally intended for a release in 2016.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Might Only Arrive In 2023

In 2015, Square Enix announced that they were working on a remake to the legendary Final Fantasy VII title. However they failed to mention when it might be released, but last we checked it seems that progress on the game still has quite a ways to go, but if the recent reports are anything to go by, fans will have a considerably longer wait time.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hopes To Surpass The Original

While each Final Fantasy release is popular and beloved in its own right, it’s hard to deny in the entire franchise, Final Fantasy 7 has managed to stand out on its own where its characters are some of the more identifiable characters from the series. So much so that it made sense that Square Enix would want to remake it.

Square Enix To Bring Lara Croft Into Final Fantasy

If you’re a fan of Tomb Raider and would love to see some kind of mashup between Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy, you’re in luck because it has been confirmed that Square Enix will be bringing Lara Croft to Final Fantasy. Before you get too excited, note that this will be applicable to the mobile title Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Final Fantasy XV Will Get Four New Episodes Released From 2018-2019

Final Fantasy XV was released back in 2016 and the good news for gamers who have blown through everything that the game has to offer so far, you’ll be pleased to learn that Square Enix has confirmed that they have four more Episode DLCs in the works for the game that is expected to be released from now until 2019.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Now Available For Download

Late last year, Square Enix announced that they were working on Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. For the most part this is the same Final Fantasy XV that console gamers have come to know and love, with the main difference being that the game has been redesigned for mobile devices, and that some of the changes include making the characters into smaller, cuter versions of themselves.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Redesign Cloud’s Character

In the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the franchise’s most recognizable and famous games, with Cloud’s character also being more or less the mascot for the series. However in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, it looks like Square Enix will be redesigning the character.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Offers Xbox One Cross-Play

For the longest time ever, consoles and PCs played separate from one another. This meant that if you played a game on the Xbox, you could only play with other Xbox gamers, and so on. For the most part this is still true, although the companies behind the consoles and also developers are starting to incorporate cross-play.

Final Fantasy XV’s PC Benchmarking Tool Is Now Available

As you’ve probably heard, Square Enix will be bringing Final Fantasy XV onto the PC, and last year the company also revealed the necessary hardware that you would require if you wanted to play the game on your computer. However for those who are curious as to exactly how well their PCs will fare, you’ll be pleased to learn that the game’s benchmarking tool has been released.