There is no shortage of alarm clock applications for Android. Even the native apps are good enough to wake you up in the morning. Though there are people who want an aesthetically pleasing alarm clock app, which is probably why Timely is so popular. Its one of the most popular alarm clock apps available for Android and Google has acquired the Swiss company that is behind it. Bitspin officially announced that it is joining Google where it will continue to do what it does best, “building great products that are delightful to use.”

Being acquired by Google doesn’t mean that they’ll take away Timely. Bitspin says that Timely is going to work as it always has. The app itself is available as a free download from the Google Play Store, previous in-app purchases for new themes are now being offered for free. Even though Bitspin gives its assurance that Timely will continue to work, it remains to be seen what becomes of the app in the long run. Google recently announced that its going to shut down Bump and Flock apps, which were quite popular back in the day. These acquisitions are often talent driven, by picking up the company Google gets to keep the people who make wonderful products, even if the product doesn’t exactly turn out to be a cash cow for it.

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