polar-v800[CES 2014] Now, when you read the Polar V800 to be a Multisport Training Computer, do not get your hopes up that this will come with a computer case as well as a monitor, as it is nothing of that sort of a traditional computer. Rather, the Polar V800 Multisport Training Computer is a wearable piece of technology, where some might even call it a “smart coach” for fitness buffs. After all, the Polar V800 does integrate GPS as well as a 24/7 activity tracker so that you will be able to accurately keep track of your training in addition to recovery from a particular injury.

The Polar V800 Multisport Training Computer will also be accompanied by customizable multisport profiles, where it is able to automatically adjust recovery status in order to provide an accurate assessment of the amount of rest required between workout sessions. Not only that, the customizable profiles for different sports makes it a snap to change between sports seamlessly, where it will go about its duty recording one’s full performance, including transition times. You can also measure your heart rate while you swim, and it delivers accurate altitude readings thanks to its a built-in barometric pressure sensor. A simple touch of a button would be able to let you access four weeks of training history, and the entire shebang will retail for $449.95 a pop, or $499.95 if you want the Heart Rate monitor to come with it this April.

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