ps-vita-slim-ukSony claims that they have the ‘slimmest’ launch in history all lined up just last week, and we do not doubt that for a moment as we have received word that the PlayStation Vita Slim will arrive in the UK this coming February 7, although there has been no permanent US release date scheduled just yet. This is certainly different from the usual procedure that sees something released in the US first before it makes its way across the pond. Ah well, win some, lose some, no?

Do you think that a revitalized piece of hardware is able to turn the fortunes of the Sony PS Vita around and bring it to greater heights? After all, the slender and slimmer portable console has already hit the Land of the Rising Sun, and with it about to make waves in the UK on February 7, we do wonder what the sales figures will be like a few months from now. What are some of the differences between the PS Vita Slim and the regular model? For starters, the PS Vita Slim has an LCD panel after seeing the OLED display dropped, so hopefully there will be positive changes to the image quality in the long run. Sony claims that the PS Vita Slim model should retail for approximately $300 after conversion in the UK when released, but unfortunately, you can only choose from black instead of a range of colors in Japan.

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