Losing a limb would be an extremely traumatizing experience for just about anyone, and to come to terms with the loss of a limb requires great mental strength. Thankfully, there are prosthetics which help make someone feel whole again, never mind that the added on limb cannot function anywhere close to the original. Technology, however, has advanced to a point where one can use 3D printers to print out a prosthetic, and when it comes to having that sense of touch, certain cases would allow one to be fitted with a bionic hand that will deliver “touch” feedback to the patient’s brain, now how about that? This time around, a 3D printed hip implant has enabled a teenager to walk again.

Credit to Mobelife, a Belgium-based implant design company, who went ahead to 3D print a custom hip implant for a wheelchair-consigned teenager who can now walk on her own. According to the folks over at Reuters, this unique 3D printed hip implant was specially designed using a tomography scan, where it will then create a picture of the patient’s unique bone anatomy. This implant will reconstruct the defect and make up for any missing parts, while screws that attach the implant will be strategically placed depending on the quality of the surrounding bone.

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