online-paid-chat-supportAppleCare is not cheap and for those who don’t purchase it, it also means you’re taking a risk with your product in the event that it breaks and you’re no longer covered. There used to be a loophole where Apple customers who did not have warranty could go onto Apple’s website and chat with online support to get help without paying for it.


This is versus walking into an Apple store or calling their hotline in which customers could be charged anywhere between $29 to $49. The bad news is that it seems that Apple will be closing this loophole very soon, according to reports and an accompanying screenshot which shows that Apple could soon start charging for online support for products out of warranty.

We’re sure there are some customers who might feel a little outraged since online support used to be free, but on the upside, we guess the asking price of $19 is cheaper than having to pay for phone support, right?

Now there is a small glimmer of hope because the reports are suggesting that those seeking online support can request to have the fee waived, although we’re not sure how one might qualify for that. According to 9to5Mac, they claim that the new system will also allow users to pay for hardware repairs online. No official word on a launch, but apparently it could be implemented as early as next week.

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