ApplecareDeciding if spending an extra couple of hundred on extended warranty is something that some of us struggle with. After all, you could go for years without anything going wrong with your device, so that money would be “wasted”. On the flipside, spending that extra money could be cheaper than paying for a full repair which could cost many times more.

Luckily for Apple users, Apple has a 60-day window in which they can opt to purchase AppleCare+ coverage if they decide they want to, meaning that they have two months after buying an Apple product to decide if extended warranty is what they want. However, the good news is that it looks like Apple will be extending that window to an entire year.

This means that after you buy that new iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer and you’re about 6 months in, you can still be eligible to buy AppleCare+ for that device. It is unclear if this is a permanent extension or a temporary one. This is because during a recent earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the pandemic was affecting the demand for AppleCare products.

So by extending the window in which customers can purchase it could encourage customers to buy more Apple products. However, like we said, it is unclear if this is a temporary response to the pandemic, or if this will become a permanent change, but either way, it’s something to note if you plan on buying a new Apple product in the near future.

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