bitsoapsSo, plenty has happened at Mt. Gox recently, so much so that the Bitcoin exchange had actually signed for bankruptcy protection already. This would certainly see Bitcoin investors get all jittery, wondering whether their Bitcoins would see a dramatic drop in value in the days ahead. Well, you know what they say – if you have the stomach for a fight, go with it all the way and ride it out. Only invest in money that you have and can afford to lose, so to speak. Having said that, here is a lighthearted look at the Bitcoin situation, which is aptly known as BitSoaps.

BitSoaps happens to be an idea that was conjured by a young couple who stumbled upon the currency, and they claimed to have been “fascinated by its concept and versatile utility.” Apart from that, the Bitsoaps website did mention, “Our love for nature and passion for exciting endeavors has drawn us to creating this project. A project that merged environmental mindfulness and digital currency. Marrying these polarized ideas has, therefore, given birth to BitSoaps.”

There is no way to mine a BitSoap, as the only way for you to get one of these and wash away your financial worries would be to place an order on their website. Obviously, it makes perfect sense for one to be able to purchase the soaps using Bitcoin. Made in Southern California, they adhere to the soap maker’s philosophy of “cherishing natural resources and contributing to technological progress.” You will be able to choose from Bitcoin Hemp Oil Soap Bar, Bitcoin Valentines Lavender Hemp/Castile Soap Bar, and Litecoin Castile Soap Bar.

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