esa-acoustic-facilityThe European Space Agency (ESA) does sound like quite a fun place to work at, as it has been revealed that the agency itself happens to be in possession of the most powerful sound system of all across Europe. I know that there might be naysayers out there, but just to get an idea on the ESA’s sound system and its capabilities, think along the lines of the Sonic Tank in the original Dune 2 game, where a single blast of sound is capable of killing even a human. Yes, it is that deadly. Thankfully, this sound system is not meant to be used as a weapon, but rather, the Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) as it is known has been set up to stress-test satellites.

Capable of delivering more than 154 decibels, the solitary wall within the LEAF sound chamber would feature a bunch of massive sound horns. The chamber itself measures 36 feet wide by 54 feet tall, where it has been specially constructed to prevent any untoward incident against us humans during testing. Thankfully, the LEAF can be operated only when the doors are completely shut, and the whole idea of this room is to check out whether satellites are able to withstand the high amount of noise emitted by a rocket on its way to space.

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