What if there is a new kind of gadget that is capable of recording whatever you were thinking, in real time? The Neurocam Headset could very well fill in this particular void for such a gizmo, as this wearable electronic accessory that hails from Japan will sport a head-mounted camera. Going about its job, reading your brainwaves and automatically recording whenever you express an interest in something (or someone) using the smartphone’s camera, you might want to be a whole lot more careful with what or who you look at throughout the day. Imagine your other half taking your Neurocam Headset’s recording for the day just to see where your eyes have wandered…

As for the spike in brain activity, its trigger greatly depends on the kind of interests that the wearer has. For instance, the cell phone camera will be notified via an app, while the devices camera will go about recording a short 5-second video clip right at that moment. This is viewable at a later period, where you can also share what has been recorded via social media. The Neurocam Headset is not the most inconspicuous device in the world, I will give you that, but it sure as heck is one interesting development of its own.

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