smart-mortarMortars have been a battlefield staple for quite some time already, and it does not seem as though this situation is going to change anytime soon. In fact, defense company ST Kinetics has thought up of a way to change the way mortars are used in the future. In fact, there is enough room inside a 40-millimeter mortar shell that will be able to store its fair share of electronics, so that this SPARCS mortar round will pop open its shell at the apex of its trajectory. This would cause a camera that has a parachute deployed to pop out, where it will then get to work by feeding live images of the enemy’s position so that the troops who fired it will be able to have a better idea on just where the enemies are in order to get a more accurate shot the next time around. All images snapped as it falls can be compiled into a solitary large image that can then be zoomed in and out for greater detail, as well as shared with central command.

Not only is it more affordable and faster to deploy compared to a drone, the SPARCS mortar round is also more or less enemy-proof. Should it fall into enemy hands, it just shows off where the enemy is, in addition to bits and pieces of technology that can be found in any decent electronics store, so you will not have anything classified within – or so it seems.

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