Last year Sony launched the “Lens Style Cameras,” and DSC-QX100 was the high-end model. Touting a 1 inch 20.2 megapixel sensor with 3.6x optical zoom and F/1.8 lens, the QX100 has manual focus and zoom ring and it costs $500. This camera has a leg up on conventional cameras due to its desigh and size, its able to fit into spaces that the others can’t get in. Its size also gives the user the ability to capture unique vantage points. Sony shows off the abilities of the QX100 is a new short documentary.

As part of its “Be Moved” brand campaign, Sony has created a four minute documentary at Northlandz, a 52,000 square foot exhibit space that comprises of hundreds of toy trains and tunnels, dozens of small towns, papier-mâché mountains as high as three stories, bridges made from countless toothpicks and more. The team uses a QX100 to capture Northlandz like never before, and this detachable lens style camera makes the job much more easier. In one instance, the QX100 is actually mounted to a small flatbed car before being attached to a moving model train. The camera’s performance speaks for itself, this documentary titled “Separate Together” certainly does give an in-depth look at just how good the QX100 really is.

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