Most of us typically take all of our limbs, sight, and hearing abilities for granted, allowing us to do many things like play games, read books, talk on the phone, and so on without thinking too much about it.

However there are plenty of people out there who suffer from disabilities and who might be blind, deaf, or missing a limb or two. So how do these people function in a world which has been designed mostly for the abled? Well back in 2013, modder Ben Heck came up with a one handed Xbox One controller design made from Newark products, and now it looks like he’s back and has given the PlayStation 4’s controller a one handed redesign as well.

In his latest YouTube episode, Ben Heck shows off one of his mods which is a PlayStation 4 controller designed for one handed use. We’re sure many are wondering how on earth does one play with the PlayStation 4 controller with only one hand? Well several modifications had to be made, naturally.

According to a rep from The Ben Heck Show to the folks at CVG, “By moving the left analogue stick to the rear of the controller, the player is able to use their leg to maneuver the controller. The shoulder buttons and D-pad have also be rewired to the right side of the controller.”

The episode itself runs for around 20 minutes so if you have some time to spare and would love to check out how the one handed controller was made, sit back, grab some popcorn, and hit the play button on the video above for the details.

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